Volume 5, Issue 4

Workplace Health and Safety Quiz

Test your knowledge see if you can answer the below health and safety questions:

1. The three basic rights in the workplace that any employee/worker has are?
a. the right to ___________________________________
b. the right to ___________________________________
c. the right to ___________________________________

2. The four main types of hazards in a workplace are?
a. ____________________________________________
b. ____________________________________________
c. ____________________________________________
d. ____________________________________________

3. The three main types of ways to control hazards in a workplace are?
a. ____________________________________________
b. ____________________________________________
c _____________________________________________

4. Employers are responsible for providing which of the following? (Check all that apply.)
a. Safety training;
b. Personal protective equipment at the worksite;
c. Meals during work day;
d. Clean safe working environment;
e. Supervision to ensure workers are following safety procedures; f. All of the above.

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